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Dianna's Corner -- Thankful + Grateful..



Dianna's Corner -- Thankful + Grateful..

Meagan Cottage

Thankful Tree via Delia Creates

Thankful Tree via Delia Creates

We are introducing a new segment to the blog of which I hope to open up and share a more personal side to business, kids and life in general! Affectionately calling it Dianna's Corner, my hope is that it becomes a place to connect with you, building our village community! 

As the month of November begins, I find myself quickly getting caught up in the approaching festivities and events, skipping over the most important part. I thought it would be fitting to take a moment for myself and our family to be intentional this month in being thankful and grateful for the life we have.

I know that I can be guilty of using Thanksgiving as the only day to reflect on the full and blessed life I have. When really, we should be grateful each and every single day. We see the chaos and unrest in the world, so if you have a roof over your head, food in the fridge and your family by your side, we should not only be grateful but fortunate! It might be easy to point out the negative but we have enough of that, so why not focus on the good and try to be the voice of positivity in your community! 

Reflect on that this month, I encourage you to find some ways to help teach and remind your family of having a thankful heart, mind and soul...

+ Spend the evening with the family building a Thankful Tree...

+ Consider volunteering in your community with the family...

+ Spend a Saturday cleaning out and donating a few items from around your home...

Hopefully just a few ways to inspire you + your family this holiday season!! Comment below with some ideas you can help be thankful + grateful!