A month of Giving with Plum + Sparrow featuring LottoLove

As a part of our month of Giving, we here at Plum + Sparrow will be teaming up with both businesses and non-profits to give back this holiday season! And in honor of Giving Tuesday (November 29th) we are giving you a free gift with purchase that gives back in a unique way! 

We want to introduce to you our first business a social good company that creatively created a scratch off card lottery card, but except instead of winning for yourself, you actually automatically win for someone in need with our donation! All you have to do is be one of the first of twenty orders placed with us, starting tomorrow, and receive your lottery card to see who and what we've donated to! 

The above images show the partners LottoLove has teamed up with and how the donations made with a purchase of their special social good lottery cards are making a positive impact in lives around the world!! They connect with a host of different organizations reaching people in over 30 countries worldwide, including non-profits such as WaterisLife, Litworld and more!! 

For every card purchased LottoLove donates back to their non-profit partners to fulfill their social mission of helping people receive clean water, solar light, nutritious meals or literacy tools! And each "Basic Needs" card gives one of the following: 

- 1 week of clean water

- 3 weeks of clean water

- 1 month of solar light

- 4 months of solar light

- 1 set of literacy tools

- 3 sets of literacy tools

- 1 nutritious meal

- 3 nutritious meals

We are excited to continue "a month of Giving..." with Plum + Sparrow into the holiday season and hope you are inspired to join in with us! Be sure to receive your FREE LottoLove card by placing an order with us tomorrow on Giving Tuesday!! 

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