Family Fit: How to be active together as a family....

Family Fit: How to be active together as a family....
 Credit:  Instagram

Credit: Instagram

We all know how important it is as parents to set an example for our children, that little eyes are always watching. As adults, being active is often dreaded and hard to squeeze into your already over-packed schedule. But why not make it a point one day of the week to be active as a family? We are always inspired by Kristy (@babyfitgym) and how she involves her two boys in her workouts! We asked her for a few tips and advice on how to make being active a family event!

"I started doing exercises with Tucker as a baby because I couldn’t find time to go to the gym. He would laugh and thought it was hysterical. It became a fun bonding time for us! I shoot for 15 minutes a day. If I can’t find a small chunk of time to dedicate to a workout I will simply do squats and lunges randomly throughout the day. As Tucker has gotten older he now tries to copy my workouts and it has been so much trying to teach him how to do different exercises. It motivates me to keep going and reminds me to be the best role model I can be!" 

See below for more helpful tools from Kristy! 

+ Make exercise fun! It doesn’t have to be so serious!

+ Set small goals that you know you can accomplish.

+ Put your kids favorite song on repeat and have them run around with you!

+If the weather is good, get outside!! Getting some fresh air and going on a hike is one of our favorite things to do. 

Thank you Kristy for sharing with us your helpful tips on how the family can all be active together!