Healthy Living During Pregnancy featuring Bree Hannemann

Healthy Living During Pregnancy featuring Bree Hannemann

Often in pregnancy not all goes according to plan or how you envisioned it might go. Our mama friend, Bree Hanneman, living in Hawaii with her family, can attest to this. She was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes with her first pregnancy and currently pregnant with her second was diagnosed yet again with the same challenge. In spite of everything, she has gracefully embraced it and made the necessary lifestyle changes in order to keep both her and the baby safe and healthy! 

We wanted to highlight a few ways Bree is staying healthy, taking care of her body both inside AND out!! Enjoy! 

1. How To Deal with Gestational Diabetes While Pregnant with Food Choices

+ What you put into your body is KEY, especially when you have another life to nourish and grow! And when you factor in gestational diabetes it means being ultra careful of what you intake, but know that it is manageable!

+ A sample of what Bree eats in a day can be easily modified to your diet and preferences! 


2. How To Stay Active During Pregnancy

+ Making it a point to be active with your children, whether that be walking them to the bus stop or a quick loop around the neighborhood after school!

+ Bree also recommends to stretch as much as possible, it will help with the aches and pains of pregnancy but also aid in labor too! 

+ "Pilates is a perfect combination of diving your body into a perfect mix of stretching, holding, pulsing: all while connecting with body, mind, spirit....This form of working out has always done wonders for me in more than one ways, so during pregnancy I try to incorporate it as much as possible." 

3. Maintain This Same Diet After Pregnancy

+ "Eating this way also creates a mood within your own home that has helped shaped the way my husband and son eat. Striving to make healthier food choice is an excellent goal, and I challenge everyone this upcoming month to dedicate some time to improving your health, educating yourself, and figuring out what the best fit for you is." - Bree