Aura Candles // Small Shop Collective

We are excited to continue our Small Shop Collective, which we created to help spotlight small businesses! And with each order of a moses basket on restock day we include a special F R E E gift from them to you in hopes that you will find a new small shop to support!

The goal is to set an example in that we can come together to show collaboration and not competition. I think too often businesses feel as if they need to compete against each other, so we started this ongoing intiative to contribue to the movement of community over competion! Now, let's share with you our newest shop -- Aura Candles! 

Chelsea and Jasmine, friends and co-owners of Aura Candles started handcrafting their own candles in 2009 and both share a passion for all things music, fragrance, families + affordable luxuries! It is and was important to them from the beginning to use only premium ingredients, soy blended wax, lead-free wicks, and premium fragrance resulting in a high-end candle that will hopefully fill your home with warmth and goodness! 

What makes them stand out from others is their self-taught skill and desire to offer high-end quality for an affordable cost.  They try to pack their personality into each candle from their studio in San Diego and carefully inspect each candle to ensure the highest quality. The shop offers a wide variety of products and scents, including a diffuser collection, everyday collection and a travel collection! 

As we sat down with Jasmine over coffee, swapping stories on business and community, we learned of how much passion and energy they both have literally "poured" into these candles. They have carefully selected the scents and ingredients, often taking months to formulate the perfect scent, not settling for anything but perfection! The effort shows in the luxurious standard of these candles, but at a fraction of the cost! 

Thank you, Chelsea + Jasmine for joining our collective village!! Be sure to FOLLOW along with them and click below to see their shop!