“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much…”

-Helen Keller

A simple, but powerful quote spoken by a woman who saw and recognized that we can make a more meaningful impact as many instead of one.

We recently launched a special project called our Plum + Sparrow Collective in which we highlight other small businesses and their handmade items. It was created to continue the trend of community over competition. We felt like too often businesses were going against each other instead of working together. So we formed this collective in hopes of setting a new standard for small businesses, showing that it is possible to put aside our differences, form a partnership and still both succeed!

But also and more importantly, in doing this we wanted to set an example for our children to follow. We are showing them the importance of teamwork and community!  Our little ones are always watching and mimicking what we do, so what better way to use this as a tool to teach them!

We have come to love and treasure this collective, our own village of small businesses very similar to those of the weavers in Africa.  They too have formed their own collective, in coming together to weave these beautiful moses and market baskets, working as a community to achieve a goal. They’ve realized like Keller said, “…together we can do so much…” and we strive everyday to be just like them!  

 I hope you are encouraged as we have been, to inspire community and teamwork in your own village! We can’t wait to see how our collective grows and hope we can start a ripple effect in the world of small businesses of community over competition!


P.S. We are always looking for new small businesses to team up with and be apart of our collective!  If that is you or you know of one, leave a comment or email us ( and we would love to connect with you!