We want you to remember that each one of these handmade and unique baskets carries with it a story, a legacy that the weavers have created.  While these special baskets are a physical item you can pass down to your children, we began to think of other ways we can leave a legacy for them. The lessons of life we pass down to our children are irreplaceable.  Likewise, the weavers have left quite the legacy for their children, teaching them the skill of basket weaving, that can be passed down from generation to generation, providing an income and such more! 

We recently came across Amy Mackey and her sweet babe “Story” who have a special basket that also has its’ own story. Amy was actually born and raised in Kalacha Dida Springs, a village 16 hours north of Nairobi, as her parents were missionaries ministering to the Gabra people and surround villages. They had a first-hand account to seeing these baskets made, just how special + unique they are and now Amy and her mom can pass it down to their “Story”….

Amy as a baby on the left peeking out of the special woven basket and Story on the right, seen in the basket just like her mama.

It is a sweet picture of just how special these baskets are, being passed down from generation to generation. The baskets you purchase here are unique and one-of-a-kind in their own way, with each having their own story and journey. You too can pass them around in your family to use, and know that the weavers are also passing on a legacy in our homes but also among their own children as well. They are continuing to write a beautiful story with these baskets, each has their own special meaning in Ghana but also in your home. 

The weavers leave a legacy with their children in teaching them the technique and art of weaving baskets. It goes beyond keeping tradition alive but that then the parents can provide a way for their children to lead a full and flourishing life. The children of the village can now grow into strong, successful individuals who have a way to make an impact in the world. A legacy that will last for generations, a ripple effect that has an impact more than they know…

So what legacy will you leave for you children that will last beyond you? What ripple effect can you start with your family?  We hope and encourage you to look at the weavers and find a way to make an impact in your family for generations to come..