We know for many school has already started but for us, we are still a few days away! It has inspired us to find some fun ways to encourage our kids to be excited about learning and we’ve found a few creative ways to welcome the school year + season of change!! Click the links below + let us know what you are excited for as school starts!!! 

7 Ways to make Back to School More Fun 

+ Our favorite  -- check out #7 “Goodbye Summer Story” for a creative way to add some fun!! 

Back-to-school: 10 fun facts 

+ We like this one because you can use these fun facts on the drive to school to help calm some of their (and your) nerves!

Back to School Tips for Parents  

+ A good reminder for us -- ease into the routine, try to enjoy the last few weeks of warm weather while you can and don't feel like you need to jump into school all at once.

Get Your Toddler Ready to Go Back To School  

+ While your older kids are already are used to their school routine, you can help the little ones by starting to help them with their communication skills by role playing what might happen in a classroom!! 

Preschool Prep: How to Prepare Your Toddler for Preschool 

+ If you are putting your toddler in preschool -- put together a preschool countdown, build the excitement for your child while also giving them time to process it as well!! 

Hope you found some new ways to make these couple of weeks fun for your kids but also help ease the transition for the whole family!!