Now that you have the kids back in school, time to tackle those projects you didn't quite get to over the summer. The first on our list -- home organization!! We feel like there is no better time than the present to make sure you've cleaned + organized before the real craziness of the holidays set in. It's no longer about spring cleaning, fall organization is where it's at! It's time to donate those toys, clothes, and home items that you no longer need or want. We've rounded up a few helpful ways that will really help with making sure your home is fall ready! 

Fall Organizing Tips 

- Our favorite, for obvious reasons, use a basket to gather and organize your shoes or slippers!! 

+ 10 Simple Tips for Fall Home Organization 

- Check out #8, clean out your old holiday decor before you start shopping for more! 

+ Expert Fall Home Organizing Tips  

- Before the kids get deep into the new school year, make sure to sort through the art projects and paperwork from last year!! 

+ A Few Tips for Fall Outdoor Organization

 - While the weather is still somewhat mild, take advantage of it and make sure to get your outdoor space organized and weather ready for the changing seasons. 

We hope you are inspired as we were to get organizing and start preparing your home, don't feel overwhelmed if you quite a few house projects, just start with one and before you know it -- you'll be glad you did it before your schedule really starts to fill up!!  

The Plum + Sparrow Crew