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Did you know it's Baby Safety Month?



Did you know it's Baby Safety Month?

Meagan Cottage

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As we mentioned, the blog is place where we want our mama village to come and have a safe place to discuss and learn from each other on this journey of motherhood. The month of September is Baby Safety Month and as it comes to a close, we wanted to provide a few resources for all you new mom's that may be feeling overwhelmed OR just a refresher course if you are a seasoned mom too!! 

The International Association for Child Safety is a great first place to visit! They easily summarize the basics of making sure your home is safe for baby to come home, they have a great resource page with a list of other informative websites. They've also created a simple visual aid that perfectly lays out the basics of childproofing as your baby becomes mobile.  

Next up -- car seats!! We often find that this area is one in which there seems to be a plethora of information  The Mayo Clinic offers a great article with 10 different ways you should check to be sure that baby is safe! Also, if you want to check out What To Expect and Baby Center, both are very helpful in navigating your way through the sea of information! 

We feel like this next area is often overlooked and concerns the product you bring into your baby's environment. It could be the types of products you put on their skin or bring into your home. We love checking out the Environmental Working Group  for not only safe baby products but also the entire family. If you have a moment be sure to check them out!! 

The last area of baby safety we want to touch on, of course, is when using one of our moses baskets or a similar bassinet. It is important to highlight that when using a moses basket to never leave your baby unattended and insuring the bassinet style is always open weave allowing for adequate airflow. The other important area to not overlook, is what goes inside the basket and it really should be as minimal as possible. A firm mattress pad is recommend to support the delicate bodies of newborn babies but make sure that it is custom to the exact moses basket, with no gaps, for a snug fit. Plum + Sparrow moses baskets all custom with a custom fit, OULL safe foam mattress pad (no off-gassing) of only the highest quality to ensure your baby has the safest + most comfy place to rest.  

While there are still quite a few areas of baby safety that we have not covered, we encourage you to check out the links above + do some research on your own!! We find it helpful to talk with our mama village or feel free to leave us a comment and shoot us an email if you have any questions! 

The Plum + Sparrow Crew