We love supporting our local friends and were especially excited to stumble across a local San Diego small shop, Odessa and Sons, who specialize in hand dyed goods for the home + even your little babes too!! Is there anything cuter than an itty-bitty, tie-dyed onesie?? 

We asked shop owner, Alison, how she began her business -- "I started hand dying baby items, thanks to some hard core nesting when pregnant with my first son. I loved what I was making, but didn't love the idea of using harsh dyes and chemicals on something so delicate and sensitive as a baby's skin. So after some research, I turned to using all natural dyes."  We hand selected a few of our favorites + with items priced from as low as $10.00 (see dish towels), the price point is perfect for your budget!! 

"My hope in making these products is to offer something that not only is uniquely beautiful, but something you can use for your baby (or around the house!), without bringing nasty chemicals into your home. Each item is hand dyed and a unique individual, no two items are alike!"

A uniquely, handmade item that you can feel comfortable bringing into your home, is something we can get behind and we hope you will too!! Be sure to FOLLOW her shop and CHECK OUT the goods! We promise you won't be disappointed! 

The Plum + Sparrow Crew