Love, Lila Ann // Small Shop Collective

Love, Lila Ann -- a shop created because they believe every baby, whether they are in or out of the NICU, deserves to be surrounded by things chosen especially for them by their loved ones. Their bedding should be soft, colorful, and actually fit the bed where they lay their head, either in a NICU isolette or their crib at home. And more than just a mom, wife and NICU nurse, shop owner, Jess, also embraces the value of community in motherhood! We love to connect with other mothers who see the importance of gathering your village!

The shop is filled with carefully curated items, ranging from teething toys to specially design NICU accessories and more. It's been an honor to connect with Jess and her shop Love, Lila Ann -- we hope you've enjoyed finding a new small shop too! Enjoy! 

"Welcome to my shop, Love, Lila Ann. I'm Jess, a wife, mother, NICU Nurse, and preemie advocate. I live in Sacramento, California with my husband, two daughters (Lila and Ann), and our dog, Fran.  

I have been a NICU nurse for 10 years, and have worked with hundreds of families. In a world where the little things mean so much, being able to pick out your baby's clothes and bedding for the day is such a HUGE accomplishment! I was tired of using ill-fitting blankets to try to make a bed look less sterile, and I could tell the parents longed for something better, so I went to work."

Thank you Jess for joining our Collective village!