Time to Clear Out: Media + Technology

Time to Clear Out: Media + Technology

We've hope you've enjoyed our "Time to Clear Out" wellness series and excited to bring you another installment focused on how we can declutter the media and technology in our life and our family! 

And we are the first to admit we may use technology a little more than we'd be proud of but we are definitely not saying to throw it out completely. But we know that we all can improve and take steps to clear it out a little! 

+ Set a time limit for everyone in the house (that means YOU, mom and dad!).

+ Get rid of the unused apps on your phone, and reorganize them so that you keep only the necessary apps on the first page, keep all game and social media on the second page! 

+ Our #1 tip -- keep the technology off the dinner table, studies show family dinners are more benefial unplugged. 

Researchers have found that meals eaten in front of the TV do not carry the same mental health benefits as those eaten ‘unplugged’. Certainly, it would be fine occasionally to watch a special program while eating a family meal. In addition, talking about a program as a family could provide benefits as well.
— thefamilydinnerproject.org