Time to Clear Out: The Mind

Chrissy Powers, wife + mama of two boys, is a marriage and family therapist with real-life experience and hands-on knowledge of navigating life and motherhood! She penned a piece on Mindfulness and Parenting awhile back and we knew we HAD to share it with you, because we know it is something we all struggle with. 

Staying mindful helps us to respond to the needs of our children in a more calm and accurate way, all the while modeling a healthy method to dealing with problems. I call mindfulness a practice because it is not something you attain overnight but a skill of being aware that is first recognized, used and then strengthened over time.
— Chrissy

How to use mindfulness in parenting: 

+ Red Flag // Next time your child is screaming, or generally just not doing what you want them to do, imagine a red flag that tells you something in your child is off and needs your attention before responding.

+ Acceptance // Accept what is happening in your child as not good or bad it just is and it needs your attention (also taking a deep breath helps with this one)...

+ Label // Once you have accepted the present situation with all its feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations try to label what you are feeling and what your child is feeling without judging that feeling as good or bad.

+ Action // Sometimes this is choosing to do nothing at all but hold your child in the moment and whisper words of love and comfort or it might be removing your child from the situation, or verbalizing and validating what they are feeling. Just keep breathing and remind yourself that emotions come and go and that this situation, phase or problem won’t last forever.