Time to Clear Out: The Home with Sarah Schmidt

Time to Clear Out: The Home with Sarah Schmidt

Over the past few weeks we've talked about clearing out and cleaning out our minds and heart but now we want to give you a few practical and hands on ways for you to start to declutter the physical space around you, in hopes it will also keep your mental state clear!



We are so excited to have Sarah Schmidt, interior designer, home organizer and more who will be sharing with us her best tips + tricks for decluttering the space around your home -- enjoy!

 "Decluttering and organizing was definitely on my list of resolutions this year (as it is every year). In an effort to help myself and others, I’ve put together some tips and tricks to help with your 2017 spring cleaning."

Identify The Trouble Areas:

1. The Entryway

The entry is our first and main trouble area. This is the place where my family enters our home and drops EVERYTHING. Keys, mail, sunglasses, backpacks, shoes etc. So I created a drop zone and a “home” for each one of these items. A new mail sorter helps us organize our mail by family member. A large basket now keeps our shoes in one place. A small bowl holds our keys so they are never misplaced.

2. The Kids’ Closet

The second trouble area is a major area of clutter and disorganization. The kids’ closet is full of toys, clothes, books and more. The key here was a storage system that my kids could use and maintain. I purchased a shelf with cubbies that hid the clutter but also was easy for the kids to use. We sorted through all of their toys into three piles; keep, donate, & trash.

3. Art Supplies

Having two little kids, I’ve collected a good amount of art supplies over the last 7 years. But lately it has gotten out of control. I have drawers full of half completed coloring books, dried out markers and empty glue sticks. So, I purchased a rolling cart that we could move back and forth from the closet to the table. If our art supplies didn’t fit inside then I got rid of them.

+ Set A Plan

Designate a home for everything and implement it. It might take some time but be consistent.

+ Don’t Do It All At Once

if you’re like me, you will try to clean and organize the whole house all at the same time. It’s much better to spend 15-20 minutes a day focusing on cleaning and organizing one trouble area so you don’t get burned out.

+ Does It Give You Joy?

I recently read the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” (Marie Kondo) and the take away was if the item doesn’t give you joy then it doesn’t belong in your home. Don’t waste time constantly picking up stuff you don’t love. Instead, spend the time on things you do enjoy.

The ultimate goal is to live clutter free and organized so you can focus on what you value the most.

We hope you've enjoyed reading a few ways you can begin to start clear out your home, with the new season of spring approaching be inspired with a few of Sarah's tips!