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How To: Love Yourself



How To: Love Yourself

Meagan Cottage

We discuss taking care of our bodies and mind, but what about our soul? How often do we take the time to love ourselves and what does that look like? 

As women, so often we take care and love on everyone else, before we even have time to give a moment to ourselves. While we applaud a heart that gives, what happens when you have nothing left to give? As we start this New Year, why not make sure before you start to fill your schedule and say yes to all the activities that you check yourself...

We came across this article from Darling Magazine and wanted to share these important tips on "Steps in Self Love...

+ Set healthy and clear boundaries

- Create a list and schedule BUT understand and be okay with not always accomplishing it all. 

+ Envision yourself at your very best...

- Think back to the moment when you felt empowered and confident of yourself, using that as energy now in a moment when life is heavy and full. 

+ Process your emotions AND be familiar with your patterns...

- Just allowing yourself a moment to take in the emotions of the week or month, find YOUR way to outlet our emotions (journal, exercise, etc.)

+ Enjoy being humbled in the presence of others you admire...

- Take a moment to see the good and traits you admire in others --> then take steps to be the good and in that, you

We leave you with this quote to ponder this week and the encouragement in this New Year, to invest in a New You, by taking a moment to "Love Yourself..."

Fall in love with taking care of yourself...mind — body — spirit.
— unknown