Small Shop Collective // Doddle & Co.

The new + innovative baby product to hit the market comes from the mama founded company, Doddle & Co.! The two boss babes, Nicki and Janna, designed their unique take on the beloved pacifier. They found themselves picking up the pacifiers day after day, rinsing them off every time they came in contact with the ground. 

When Janna, co-founder of doddle & co™ and designer of the pop®, was pregnant with her first child, she naturally found herself paying extra close attention to the parents and babies she observed. One day at church, a mother and her baby girl sat in the pew in front of her. The baby’s paci kept falling out of her mouth; her mother kept sticking it back in.

"It fell on the floor. It fell on the pew. It fell on that old carpet runner that had seen many masses" She knew that there had to be a new way to reinvent the pacifier and she was right. A few prototypes later, and the pop® was born, making mamas lives around the world a whole lot easier and cleaner too! 

doddle & co graphic

As you can see, with the innovative design the nipple actually will POP back into the pacifier creating protection from the ground. While that is just one of the many features, you'll find yourself reaching for this option more and more. A sleek, new grey design is the perfect modern accessory for baby + mama, and we hope you agree! Be sure to check out their shop and grab one for yourself or a new mom! 

Thank you, Nicki and Janna, for joining our Collective Village! We love seeing mama's create new + innovative products! Be sure to tune in NEXT Thursday for a special giveaway with Doddle & Co!