Fall Fun with your basket!

Has anyone noticed how crisp + cool the mornings have been? It has us ready to take some family adventures outside to soak up the changing seasons, with our baskets in tow of course! Enjoy the sweet video below and some classic, traditional fall activities for the family!

Apple Picking!! 


While we recommend putting apples in your market baskets - babies work just as well too! 

Natural - Medium Market
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The Pumpkin Patch!

It's not fall until you've been to the pumpkin patch! A timeless tradition that ushers in the beginning of the season, we love getting the kids to be outside and find the perfect pumpkin. Our palm shopper is the perfect size to take with you and select your pumpkin! 

Nature Walks!

We are blessed to live in Southern California where our fall very much feels like summer. However, most of our vegetation and trees do start to wither away and that is when we grab our baskets to collect leaves and treasures! 

What is one activity or adventure you are taking with your family this fall? We want to hear in the comments below!