Why traditions are important?

When we think of the holidays, what comes to mind first? shopping? to do lists? Black Friday? Unfortunately, the chaos has taken over for many of us BUT I think what we all really enjoy and look forward to the most are the traditions.

We asked ourselves this year, just why traditions are so important? and how they can keep us grounded in a season where everything and everyone is vying for our attention. It is helpful to know that traditions differ from routines and habits, in that they are often done with purpose and require being intentional. 


+ Reinforce values //  Use them as a tool to teach your children what is important to your family. 

+ Bridge's the gap and connects generations // Especially in younger generations, a tradition will connect two groups of individuals who may not otherwise choose to interact with each other. 

We love using the example of our weavers and their baskets, in which they have passed down a tradition of their own. The skill of weaving from generation to generation, is not only the lifeline for many of the families but was developed to incorporate every member of the village. The baskets are often not just made by one individual but many, where there in, we realize the importance of traditions - the bringing together of people both young and old. And how amazing is it, that their tradition produces our amazing baskets?

The important thing to remember as you begin this holiday season, even if the traditions change over the years, is that you gather together with your family and friends to let them each know, how special + essential they are in your life!

Share with us below a tradition you carry with you now or even one from your childhood, we would love to hear how you are bringing your family and friends together this holiday season!