Tips for Traveling: Christmas Edition

For many of us, the shopping is done, wrapping too but now you have to one last final chapter...the journey. So we thought we'd give you a few tips and tricks for traveling this Christmas season - whether it be by plane, train, or automobile, you'll be ready! Let's go!


The essential and first step in making sure your journey is smooth, keeping everyone fed (which includes you mom and dad)! We like to bring simple and familiar items (i.e. crackers, goldfish, dried fruit) and protein bars are perfect as well! 

And if you have a long drive or journey, we suggest packing some PB&J (or almond butter) sandwiches that are easy and filling, plus you don't have to pull over for the greasy fast food. It's a win for everyone! 


A sticker book or type of activity book is always a good start! If you need to bring in the big reinforcements (i.e. technology) the iPad and phones are always great to load up with their favorite app's and movies. Don't forget your chargers! 

Again, don't forget about bring something for you to do! While your children may have taken over your phone, that leaves you with not many options. So don't forget to bring a magazine or book! You may even be able to take a nap (just kidding - when was the last time you napped?). 


I think this tip is key, because usually by the time the snacks and activities are gone, you just are desperate for anything that will keep them entertained or occupied! So we suggest picking up a new toy or special item that you wouldn't otherwise get. 

It doesn't have to be a big ticket item, and we try to keep it priced in the $5-$10 range. You could pick up a set of of toy dinosaurs on Amazon, or a special art + craft project for your creative child! You can tailor it to your child or children's preferences but the key is just to make it extra special! 

And with these three tips, it's an (almost) foolproof way that you'll make it to your destination with your sanity! 


Pick up one of our Palm Shopper bags to store all your snacks + activities in! It's wide and open enough for little hands to find their road trip treasures! 

Best of luck mama's, traveling this season - you got this!

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