A Christmas How To with Sarah Schmidt // Around the House

We have one of our favorite stylists and designers, Sarah Schmidt of @sarahjoy - sharing with us a few tips + tricks for Christmas! Read below + be inspired to use your baskets for Christmas this season! 


The many uses for baskets...


This holiday season, I am really trying to embrace and apply the term “less is more”. I want this year to be different. Instead of buying, I am going to use more of what I already have around the house. I really want to be an example to my children and show them ways to reduce and reuse.

So, since I use my baskets in so many ways all year round, I thought why not incorporate them in my holiday traditions as well?

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1. Baskets as Organization + Display

The first way I’m using my baskets this season is to both organize and display my Christmas decorations. I put our ornaments into a Pint Market basket then let my little one use it to help her decorate the tree. She loved it and it was the perfect size for her little hands! 

I also have extra ornaments that I like to decorate other spaces with in addition to the tree. So, I simply put the extras into a small basket and then up on the shelf. Easy organization and display!

2. Baskets to Deliver Gifts

Instead of using bags, this year I put our gifts into baskets to deliver to friends and family. Less waste and a beautiful way to delivery and receive gifts.

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3. The Modern Gift Basket

Why not make the basket a gift itself? Whether empty or filled with your favorite things, baskets make great gift wrap or gifts on their own.


4. Baskets as Blanket + Pillow Storage

With all the extra entertaining I do during the holidays, I like to put out extra blankets and pillows to make sure my guest feel comfortable. My larger baskets make easy storage for cozy blankets and extra pillows. I just love practical storage solutions that are also beautiful.


Less trips to the store equals more quality time with my family during the holidays. Consider getting creative with what you already have around the house. Whether it’s repurposing decor items to feel new, wrapping gifts with different materials, or organizing in creative ways. Because the less we focus on buying, the more we can appreciate what we already have.

Thank you to the always lovely + inspiring Sarah for sharing some holiday home inspiration with us! Be sure to tag us on social media @plumandsparrow or #plumandsparrow with how your using your baskets this holiday season!