Loved by Sophia Claire // Small Shop Collective

Today, we are featuring Lexie and her shop "Loved by Sophia Claire", a shop that offers classic style pacifier clips and headbands inspired by my baby handmade for yours!

In addition to carefully created paci clips and headbands, the shop also carries Natursutten pacifiers, making it a one-stop shop for all your baby needs! 

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for 30% off! 

I had the idea of something classy, simple, and soft so I started experimenting with different fabrics and textures and fell in love with the look and feel of our braided pacifier clips. .... And so, Loved by Sophia Claire became a reality for my family. Shortly after opening our shop, we released our Nylon Dainty bow headbands which are one-size fits all and the softest material you have ever touched! Loved by Sophia Claire is one of the very first to bring these simple, yet classy pacifier clips and dainty bow headbands to the market.
— Lexie (Owner)

Thank you Lexie for joining our Small Shop Village!