It does a take a village and we wanted to both celebrate and highlight just a few of our favorite village mama's who have both supported us in our journey but also have grown a community of their own through social media.

We reached out to a few of them for some fresh insight into motherhood, enjoy getting to know them and how they embrace motherhood full on...

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Do you have advice you can give to new mother's who are coming into motherhood?

"It’s okay to cry, is my first sentence to offer -- it’s normal, it’s okay… motherhood is HARD. A lot of the first few months feel truly like survival. The exhaustion plays on your emotions big time, making you overly emotional at times, irritable, and maybe even short-tempered. GIVE YOURSELF GRACE. Let yourself rest as often as you can. Listen to your intuition, it is a very real thing. You were made specifically for this child(ren) and them for you; let that bring you comfort that you are, in one body, everything they need."

Amanda Ciurdar // @amandaseeyoudarrr

"No matter how much we hover, or create a safe space, no matter how hard we try, or how fast we are, no matter how much we wish and try to shield them from any hurt or pain, kids will be kids, and we can't protect them from everything.

Children, they only grow older, dream bigger, reach farther, and fly higher. Stretching beyond the safety of our arms, whether it's a bruised noggin at 2 or a broken heart at 16.

So here's to us parents, the worriers, the protectors, the boo boo kissers, the monster chasers, the non sleepers, the hands that heal, and the hearts that break. There is no harder job." 

Krystal Festerly // @krystalmfesterly

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Do you have advice you can give to new mother's who are coming into a new season of life?

"I love pausing.  When I feel my shoulders are up to my ears, and I feel the anxiousness or stress taking over my body, I remember to pause. We feel so much pressure as parents to get it all right, to do everything, be amazing moms and have amazing careers.  Those moments, the one where your baby is placed on your chest for the first time, or when you and your partner and child are snuggled in bed, or when your 3 year old asks for one more book, or one more song, or when your baby smiles for the first time. These are the moments we live for, they are everything.  Pause and breath through the hard moments… but welcome change, adapt and go with it because the small simple moments that come from transition are sometimes the most magical."

Sarah Wright Olsen // @swrightolsen + @yourzenmama

We are so thankful for every mama that has supported us and come alongside to join our village!