One of the most important parts of women's health is the preventive screenings in place. And while some are more popular than others, we wanted to highlight a few that we personally think are important. 

1. Mammogram

+ The key is knowing the warning signs and then taking the necessary steps after. 

+ Screening tests can find breast cancer early, when the chances of survival are highest. 

2. Thyroid

+ Women have a 2 to 10 times greater risk than men of developing a thyroid disorder

+ Women who have been pregnant or have delivered a baby within the last six months. 

3. Skin Exams

+ The number of cases of melanoma has increased over the last 30 years. Part of the reason for these increases may be that people are more aware of skin cancer. They are more likely to have skin exams and biopsies and to be diagnosed with skin cancer.

+ Making sure to see your dermatologist at least once a year to check for moles and suspicious sun spots. 

Disclaimer: We in no way are experts or doctors on these topics and would advise you to discuss these screenings with your healthcare provider.