Motherhood with Angi Fletcher // Part I

Angi Fletcher -- honest, real and on a mission to bring authenticity to life and motherhood, are just a few gems you'll discover when you scroll through her feed. Her goal and mission to empower women and mom's, through changing your mental perspective + practical healthy habits which change the way you feel. She bares her heart, by putting her past on display but often drawing inspiration and how we can move forward from our mistakes. Angi is changing the way we as individuals and women use social media, inspiring us to be more transparent with our past and creating healthy habits that will set an example for our children. As a new mom of now two, Angi in this two-part series, answers a few of our burning questions on motherhood. 

What is the biggest lessons you have learned from being a mother? 

"The biggest lessons I have learned is that I am not in control.  I have control of a few things like nutrition and bedtimes and clothing and general health and wellness but at the end of the day (or when they grow up to be teenagers) they have their own personalities and beautiful quirks that make them one of a kind and they will ultimately  make their own decisions on a daily basis that I am not in control of and need to trust that I raised them well."

What is one thing you wished someone would have told you about motherhood, that you had to discover on your own? 

"I think you have to discover most things on your own. Everyone's experience is different and you really have no idea how you will react to a situation until you are in it yourself.  Motherhood is so personal and even though it's important to have friends and family who have been through it to help guide you, you ultimately have to grow through it with your own 2 hands.  I wish women could be more open and honest in general when it comes to the tough parts of motherhood.  There is so much crap on social media about women who "do it all" and seem to have it all together but I don't believe it.  I think we all struggle privately and wish we could just be more honest with each other and help each other relax!!!"

What advice would you give yourself as a new mother?

"Definitely to BREATHE.  I use essential oils to "reframe" my energy and mindset when I get overwhelmed and want to break down.  When I was a smoker I used to go outside for a smoke break when I was stressed or overwhelmed and now I use essential oils as my "break" and I take a few minutes for myself to remove myself from the stressful situation and take some deep cleansing breaths.  Because this is my second time around I feel like I have more patience with myself and know that every day will be different and the season will move on soon.  As much as the sleepless nights seem to go on forever, before i know it I will be driving my baby to school and crying that he is not in his crib anymore."

How and why is it important to have your own "village" of friends/family during motherhood? 

"It is imperative to have a "village" or "tribe" of people around you to help in child raising. Depression hits hardest when you feel alone.  Sleepless nights turn into debilitating days and if you don't have help you will fall into a trap of exhaustion and feel powerless.  Having people around you in all stages of life help remind you that the season you are in is only temporary and you will soon be in a different mode. Being a mother is hard.  It is by far the toughest title I've had but also the most rewarding."  

Stay tuned on Wednesday for Part II with Angi!