Overcoming Depression: feat. Angi Fletcher // Part II

If you did not see our last post with Angi where we have the opportunity to interview her, she shared some wonderful and honest pieces of her heart with us on all things motherhood! Click the link below to read more! But today we dig a little deeper and Angi opens up on part of her past where she struggled with depression but the practical and hands on way, you can pull yourself back up again! I hope you take a moment to read through! 

|| my top 5 checklist I go through before I allow sadness to have a moment of my time || 

 Credit: @angigreene

Credit: @angigreene


REAL WHOLE FOOD and alkaline WATER! If you are acidic your body is already depressed -- change your eating habits, change WHEN you eat and WHAT you eat and you will change your life. I was never really aware of what I was eating or NOT eating until I started finding the correlation between my depression and food. Most people either binge eat or don't eat when they're depressed and either is extremely harmful. When you take small steps into controlling what you put into your body you will be giving your brain more energy to become and stay positive. The simplest way to make this change is to throw out 80% of your pantry and eat mostly real living food from your fridge. Anything you can store in a pantry has a "shelf life" which means it has a shelf life inside your body. This is not "living" food -- this is dead food.  Remember the more "living food" you put into your body the more "living" you are going to experience.


Your body language will change your life. If you haven't see Amy Cuddy's Ted Talk about body language, take a moment to watch!  

  • stand tall
  • head high
  • deep breath
  • smile 


Be very aware of what you're listening to (both in music AND people around you!) Sometimes you can't change the people around you immediately. But you are in control of what you listen to when it comes to music, tv, radio, podcasts.  I had to change my entire iTunes library! I realized that over 75% of what I was listening to was depressing, slow, moody, "Last of the Mohicans" music. This was not putting a smile on my face but allowing me to sink deeper into what I thought was my happy place, but which turns out was just my habitual place. (I spent more time practicing being sad than practicing being happy) Once again a fav of mine is YouTube "Mateusz M" I listen to this over and over again every single day a couple times a day make it my habit --  CHANGE YOUR SOUNDTRACK, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! 

 Credit: @angigreene

Credit: @angigreene

4 • MOVE your body every day. 

When I was severely depressed I wasn't able to get myself outside. I did what I had to do to get my son to school but then I would go right back home and go to bed but not before I smoked my cigarette and drank my acidic coffee. It literally took baby steps for me to get out and sweat and start my fitness lifestyle. I couldn't do it on my own I needed help! However, like most women, I've never been good at asking for help! Ironically it felt weak Ha ha...in my state?! I very meekly and very quietly hinted at a suggestion to a friend that I may be possibly maybe not need help getting outside and getting out of my head. And I truly believe that when I took that tiny, tiny step God sent me the friend that I needed to literally take the cigarette out of my hand and physically took me out of the house and put me on a bike and we started going for night rides. Sometimes I would cry the entire ride -- sometimes I would be so angry and not talk to him for the entire ride. And other times I cried because I was so happy to be out of my own head! This friend needed so much patient with me I can't thank God enough for him.

Now I have more practice at being happy and let me tell you it feels a million times better than being sad. It took being scared, over and over and over again and facing those fears and overcoming them. It was like going into the ocean or even opening up my eyes in goggles in the pool for that matter -- baby steps. But again I cannot stress enough that you need someone to help you at the beginning until you're strong enough and have enough practice to get yourself out. When there is no one there or you don't have the friend or family to ask -- that's where music or inspirational speeches can make all the difference. 


My spiritual life became a key component of inner change because when I truly believe that I was created for a purpose I could live out that purpose knowing that I was created by a loving God who wants a relationship with me. It drives me to want to make a difference for myself, for my family and for the world but I couldn't make a difference even in my own family without changing myself. I personally believe that God helps me make those changes because I believe that prayer works. The important thing to remember is that prayer doesn't necessarily change God -- God is God. But prayer changes me and I'm so thankful for that belief. 

We hope you were able to connect with Angi and allowing yourself to let go of those area's you might be holding on to. Take a moment, be intentional in these next couple weeks to seek out a moment for yourself, where you reflect and process those burdens you might be holding onto. 

Thank you, Angi, for continuing to be open with both the mountains and valleys of life!