To Our Mom's...

How do you express gratitude for one has selflessly devoted their life to you with, limited to a few short paragraphs using words that only begin to touch the surface of what our mother's mean to us.  We are going to try and attempt it, so this letter is for each one of you -- our mom's!


The very act of enduring 9+ months of pregnancy is in fact, selfless. You deal with constant aches and pains, lack of sleep, all while preparing mentally for one of the greatest challenges you'll ever face. Or perhaps you've waited patiently for motherhood and wondered when we would come to you, enduring year after year with not being able to bring your own child into this world and then it happens. But the sacrifice does not stop in the preparation it actually only just begins! You then for 18 years (and sometimes more) choose to put my needs before yours. Instead of thinking how it might be convenient for you or what might work easier for you, 

So you work tirelessly day after day, to raise a decent human being (among keeping the family and home together) -- who treats others with respect. You teach us to value every human, no matter their differences and encourage us to be voices of light and positivity in this world where negativity is often the loudest. And in return I often push your limits, test your boundaries, and sometimes make you cry. But then, you swoop in with a mother's love, forgiving and forgetting all, quick to teach + encourage (and sometimes discipline) but all while doing it with grace and poise. 

You, our mom, by blood or by heart - have selflessly, graciously, and lovingly dedicated your life
for my well-being. And how does one begin to repay and return the favor -- well the truth is, we can't. And so we make this promise to you, to live a life that our mothers would be proud of, as a way to thank you for the years of love, sometimes heartache and sacrifice you've given. 

Happy Mother's Day Mom! 

Successful mothers are not the ones who that have never struggled — they are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles.