It's finally here! While as an adult/parent Summer just means you usually have to keep the kids entertained or stare out the window longingly as you work from the computer. However, we want to celebrate summer and not dread it as adults. So were inspiring you with a few nostalgic and fun ways to enjoy the summer! 

+ Homemade Popsicles - this was one of my favorite activities to do during the summer and waiting for them to freeze was longest few hours of my life! And because if you're making some for the kids why not make a few "adult" popsicles as well. But click below for some kid-friendly options! 

+ Slip n' Slide - if you have the fortunate blessing of a yard then you definitely need to make this happen. When I was younger we took it up to a whole different level, buying construction grade clear tarp from our local hardware store to make it 10x better! You'll be the new neighborhood favorite and while the kids play -- mom's sip rosé! ( or coffee too!)

+ And last but certainly not least, our favorite way to celebrate summer is by being spontaneous! Pack up the kids in the car enjoying the long summer nights, grab something easy for dinner and find a spot at the beach or park to hang with the family! 

Summer is about creating memories for your family, soaking up these precious moments that you can never get back - so don't get caught up in making it look perfect. Be present with your family, enjoy the little things and have fun!