Eligible by Curtis Littenfeld

+ A modern take on Pride and Prejudice and the perfect easy read for summer evenings! It has familiarity of the story we all love by Jane Austen, but now set in modern times. And for those of us who have read the book or seen the movei, we all know how the story ends. However, Littenfeld takes the liberty of introducing a few curveballs that kept us on our toes and wanting to see how it ends. 


Call the Midwife (three part series) by Jennifer Worth

+ First, If you haven't seen the PBS Masterpiece series, add it to your list! But if you like to read the book before you watch it, this three-part series focuses on the of an incredible woman dedicating her life to helping others. The book also enables readers to follow Jennifer's personal story, as she discovers the amazing resilience of a population still bearing the scars of war, and the vibrant community of nuns with whom she lives and who teach her the skills of midwifery. The stories as told by Jennifer are funny, disturbing and moving in equal measure. We meet prostitutes and abortionists, bigamists and mischievous nuns, and see Jennifer earn the confidence of people doing the dirty work with grace and poise. Be sure to follow up the first book with the second and third installments! 

Victoria by Daisy Goodwin

+ I was hooked on this one from the moment I opened the pages! A young queen, suddenly heir to the throne, Victoria showcases the strength and power of a young woman with the odds stacked against her. You'll watch her mature right before your eyes and be rooting for her to win!

The Heiress by Daisy Goodwin

+ And it's not summer unless you have a guilty pleasure book and this one is it! It has all the drama of a reality show including marriage, secret love and more! The nostalgic feeling of Downtown Abbey was enough to entice us and keep our attention. While you're picking up Victoria (also by Goodwin) pick up this one too! 

Just a few easy reads for the summer!

We'll be sharing a few more recommendations next month on Parenting!