Summer Bucket List

Summer is in full swing and if you're like us, we're running out of things to do, quite quickly. So we gathered up a Summer Bucket List and picked our three favorite go to activities! Read below for our favorites! 


Camp in the backyard! 

+ A great way to stay within the comfort of home (literally just a few steps away) but will give you and your family memories to last all summer! 

Run through the sprinklers!

+ After the kids are dirty from playing all day, enjoy the long summer evenings and let them get out all their extra energy! 

Help the kids sell lemonade on your neighborhood corner! 

+ Why not inspire the entrepreneur spirit in your littles? Make sure everyone pitches in to help by giving each kid a job to accomplish, then divide the profit just in time for the ice cream truck to by! 

Use the list below for more summer bucket inspiration!