Too hot to cook? Read below to see how family friendly salads can be! 


+ Keep it Simple! // Sometimes too many ingredients overwhelm kids, keep the flavors and textures familiar! 

+ Invole them! // Use it as a way to teach your older children culinary skills like cutting, and let the little build their own salad! 

+ Make salad the theme of the dinner!! // Include all your favorites - fruit salad, pasta salad and more! 

+ Salad in a Jar! // A perfect one if you're on the go, pack everyone their own salad and head to the beach or park for a picnic! 

+ Taco Salad Bar // The perfect way to let the kids be involved and cater to picky eaters! 

+ Greek Pasta Salad // Let's be real - pasta salad is everyone's favorite type of salad! 

+ Rainbow Ribbon Salad // The colors of the rainbow might trick them into eating this salad! 

+ Chicken Salad // Also, good for sandwhiches too! 

I hope you've enjoyed finding some new ways to keep it cool, easy and fresh this summer! 

Sound off in the comments below if you have a favorite salad recipe or tip!