We think healthy habits don't just start at the beginning of the year - summer is the perfect time to find some new ways to stay healthy and active! The produce is fresh, the weather is perfect - why not start now? Read below for more!

+ Staying hydrated! // I think I notice this one the most as the tempartures rise -- I quickly reach for other cold beverages and forget to start with water! I fill my reusable bottle with cold ice water first thing in the morning and try to drink at least 2 of them before I go for the coffee.

+ Eating whole first! // Same goes for eating -- before I fill up on snacks or other treats. I make sure to fill up with fruits and other whole foods in the morning. A good tip is to make a smoothie serving big enough for everyone, that way the whole family starts the day off right! 

+ Get active! // We love playing outside and finding fun ways to exercise without really thinking we are working out. And because we are close to the beach, it always is a great place to have relay races running up and down the shore! Or if you have mountains and trails nearby, family hikes and bike rides are perfect to cater to your families fitness levels!


Happy adventuring and staying healthy this summer!