Must Haves for Summer // Local Edition

We are all about supporting small businesses and even more passionate about supporting local small businesses! So we wanted to bring you our summer must haves, all originating from our hometown of San Diego! 

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Of course, summer wouldn't be complete without grabbing our Palm Shopper first! Fill it up with all the goodies below and you'll be set for a day at the beach! 

bink & boo

Heavily influenced by coastal So-Cal living, and a love of thrifting, bink & boo pairs vintage fabric finds with modern textiles for a cheerful approach to playful creations. They carry baby booties + bloomers, one-of-a-kind ankle biters (as seen in photo) for kids and more!

 As a result of their "hunt and gather" methods, the goods cannot be mass-produced, making each creation unique!  It is bink & boo's creative mission to produce a sense of joy with their goods - a feeling they refer to as "sunshine & cheer". Be sure to check out the one-of-a-kind creations that are added to the shop! 

Kamp & Co.

Another local brand we can get behind has taken a normal, boring beach towel and not only made it high quality but also stylish! Kamp & Co., a local small business, has upped the towel and blanket game that you'll never want to go back to those scratchy store bought ones again!

Your ideal picnic, beach, camp blanket, their products create an inviting space to bring your family and friends together -perfect for any outdoor adventure.

They offer a Kamp Towel and Kamp Blanket, each at a generous size - ideal for the beach but also all the adventures in between! 

 Credit: @shelby_longley

Credit: @shelby_longley

Sun Bum Baby Bum

A local brand that rolled into the area is Sun Bum who also just introduced their new baby line! We love the smell + feel of their sunscreen plus they have a coconut chapstick with SPF that makes us want to reapply the whole day! 

+ Cruelty Free

+ Pediatrician Approved

Click the link below to shop and learn more!  

Snacks! We love all our local friends that have provided yummy treats for mama's and our littles too!

+ Bliss and Baker // A mother and daughter team we met a local pop-up and they make yummiest rice crispie treats you'll find! With flavors like "Salty Caramel" and "Vanilla Bean" you'll never buy the s

+ Suja Juice // A local startup that has taken the juice world by storm, we reach for any of their refreshing beverages when we need a pick me up on a hot summer day! 

+ Baked Bear // If you're ever in San Diego, check out the local ice cream eatery with multiple locations for sweet ice cream sandwiches!

We hope you've enjoyed our must haves for summer - be sure to shop local when you can and support your community!