The Mama Bird Village

village defined:

the inhabitants of such a community collectively...

We strive in everything we put our hand to, here at Plum + Sparrow, in being rooted to bring others into our village and make each individual feel as if they are a part of something bigger. As with each purchase you make, we hope you know that you're welcomed into our community but also offered the chance to be an active role in our business and work.

It is with that mindset we launch another part of our village, one that allows you to take part in that "active" role of Plum + Sparrow. And it is my Mama Village! I could not get by in this thing called life + motherhood without them...and I hope they would say the same! 

But I want to expand that group beyond our geographical lines and into your homes and lives as well - to be able to help you wrangle all of your kids during the summer (professional kid wrangler over here!), or for me to come to you...and vent about how life never seems to be in balance?!?! 

I hope and wish for this space to be first, filled with honesty - the real, raw and not so pretty parts of life - I want this to be a space where we can admit we don't have it all together. And even the practical side of life - potty training, sleep training, the list goes on...

So will you come and join us? We want to reach beyond the limits of where we live, to spark new conversation, and be real + raw in motherhood! As a special incentive, we are giving away a F R E E Mama Bird trucker hat to the first 10 people who join the group and then create a post by responding to the prompt below! 

"Share with us your most meaningful mama village memory! It could be a moment where your mama friends came to support you or where you returned the favor and were able to help a mama in need!”

A side note: You will have to have a FB account to join our special mama village! (just FYI)

I hope you'll join this crazy + unknown journey of motherhood, where I (and I'm sure the majority of us) certainly don't have it all together. But that is the beauty of coming together as village of mama's - we are real and true, with flaws but a whole lot of love to give!

Be sure to click the link above to join our FB group and be one of the first 10 posts!

xoxo Dianna