Small Shop Collective // Petite Soul

Petite Soul is a baby and toddler accessory brand owned and operated by two NYC mamas, Mary and Stef!  They combine simple shapes and versatile color palettes on high-quality fabrics, and the playful prints capture the whimsy of childhood. Petite Soul products provide your little one with soft, cozy protection without compromising style - which we love! 

Inspired by the simplicity of Mary's childhood bonnet, and using vintage fabric and an old Kenmore, both passed down from Stef's mom, they made their first bonnet. And because the mama community is amazing they were blown away by the response from customers worldwide, thus was the beginning of a very special entrepreneurship.

We also love that they collaborate with painters, graphic designers, and illustrators to showcase unique designs in a new way, bringing you one-of-a-kind products that make you and your loved ones feel special.  See some of their special collaboration prints below! 

Thank you, Mary + Stef, for joining our small shop village! Be sure to follow and shop their store for bonnets, hats and more!