Back to School: For Mom's!

#1 Two words: online. shopping. 

- I don't know it took me thing long to realize, but I've finally realized instead of going into Target with all four of my kids plus everyone else who is back-to-school shopping! Why not just browse from the comfort of my own home? Hello Amazon Prime! Check out some of our favorite Amazon picks below! Click each image to SHOP! 

#2 Do go and try on new shoes for the kids!

- There is really nothing worse than ordering a pair online, only to see they don't fit and now you have to return them AND find a new pair. You can imagine repeating this process times 4 would be a nightmare. So just bite the bullet and set the afternoon aside to knock it out.

#3 Try to put together a gameplan for the mornings...

- We are very well aware that life happens and not all goes according to schedule. However, we do believe that kids thrive and do well with structure. So try and follow the same routine each morning - you'll be amazed how quickly they'll pick up on it! And the same goes for the evening, try to stick to that early bedtime and make sure you end the night as a family. 

#4 Make it a point to ask questions...

- I love this one because it is so simple but makes your kids feel like they are being heard and acknowledged. The moments in our cars are a rare time for you to have the focus of your children so take advantage of it. We love these talking strategies from PBS Parents that should help in better communicating with your kids! 

Wishing you all the best of luck in this new school year! You got this Mama!