A perfect pair...

We are excited to share with you a new product we've been working on these past couple months! Introducing our new Plum + Sparrow Swaddle Blanket! 

With the mud cloth design, drawing inspiration from artistry in Africa, we incorporated a unique look that speaks to the Plum + Sparrow brand. If you look closely, you'll see our beloved Sparrow that speaks of more than just our logo but so much more behind the brand.

Our "Sparrow" is two-fold, speaking of family history a vision of the inspiration of my grandma but also that sparrow always work and live in flocks. Of course, we draw this village mentality into life and business too! We hope that when you purchase a Plum + Sparrow product, you not only know that you are giving back but that you also are becoming a part of a village, a community support group for the ever-evolving woman. So whether you're married, single - kids or no kids, we hope that you can connect with the Plum + Sparrow values! 

Be sure to shop the new swaddle below and pair it with one of our woven animals made in Kenya! 

Gentle Giraffe
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Merry Monkey
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