Why a moses basket?

We get asked all the time..."why a moses basket?" or "why should I use one for my newborn?"  

So we thought we'd breakdown a couple ways that moses baskets serve as functional piece but also why they are a reasonable investment! 

#1 When your baby is in the newborn stage you want to keep them as close as you can, often in eye sight. However, it can be tricky with a bulky swing or huge crib that you can't necessarily bring with you all over the house - a moses basket is the perfect solution! The baby stays safe and cozy while you're able to keep them with you from room to room.

#2 The other feature we like to highlight is the flat position of the moses basket which allows the baby to stretch, which in turn helps develop and lengthen their spine. And of course, all of our moses baskets come with a custom fit foam mattress pad that is both recommend and safe for your newborn. So it becomes a piece that will not only keep them comfortable but aid their developmental growing as well. 

#3 And third, we get asked about the longevity of the basket and how long can you really use one? As your baby grows out of the newborn stage, you can still continue to use the basket in new and creative ways. Often, it becomes a safe play nest for your little one to hang out in (but please don't ever leave your baby unattended while in the basket) OR they can also serve as storage basket for toys, blankets, and any other baby items! The options are really endless and we are always finding news way to repurpose them - let us know in the comments if you've found a way to reuse your moses basket! 

These just cover a few of the ways that we think a moses basket can be a perfect fit for you AND your newborn. We restock baskets every Friday at 7 a.m. PST so be sure to check them out below! 

As always, we would advise you to read our SAFETY information before using your moses basket! And if you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to contact us at: info@plumandsparrow.com