The last ounce of summer!

If you are like us, back-to-school signals that summer is coming to an end BUT it does not mean that it's officially over. So we're dedicating this post to squeezing out the last part of summer!

We've still got the weekends and moderately good weather so here's to that!

#1 Squeeze one last weekend trip in!

- It could be your local campground, a staycation at your favorite hotel! It's about being together as a family, anyways, so find your families favorite destination and make a weekend out of it!

#2 Family bike ride!

- For me, nothing says summer like a evening bike ride at dusk! If you can, cruise the neighborhood one last time while we still have the late sunset. And if you're feeling extra cool, turn on the sprinklers to "cool" off after - your kids will love seeing you run through them together!

#3 Create a summer time capsule! 

- Use a mason jar, old coffee can or anything else you can find! We found this helpful FREE Summer Time Capsule Printable to help get you started! You can also fill it with some favorite pictures or trinkets that you can look at next year! 

What other end of summer memories or traditions do you have? Share below! We'd love to hear!