Tantrum Tips Every Mama Needs

Tantrums. We have all been there, and if you haven't, you will. 

But there is hope! With some practice you can learn to spot a tantrum a mile away, calm crazy toddlers + help your little one learn better ways to communicate. 

Here are our top temper tantrum tips: 

  1. Try whispering. Whispering jokes/encouraging words into your toddlers ear is a big contrast to their loud tantrum. Just this contrast alone can peak their interest and many times they will opt to quiet down so they can hear what Mom is saying. 

  2. Get ahead of it. Notice when tantrums tend to happen and work to avoid it or around it. If grocery shopping tends to turn into a mess of tears and begging for candy, talk to your little one on the way out the door & in the car and make it clear " we are shopping for milk & eggs, not candy". 

  3. Ignore it. If your child is in a safe place at home and can not hurt themselves. Simply walk away (while keeping an eye out) and keep busy with something else until they have calmed down. Often this will show your toddler that they are not having an effect on you and they will stop. 

  4. Change locations. A perfect strategy for public meltdowns. Scoop up your kid and head for the car or home. This shows acting out in public is not OK & will always result in leaving where you are. Plus the change in scenery may calm them down. 

  5. Snacks & a cuddle. Almost works every time. More often than you would think, tantrums are a result of tired & hungry little humans not knowing how to handle emotions. Have snacks on hand in your purse & glove box so you can easily distract. Don't forget the post snack snuggles. 

  6. Breathe & stay calm. Remember you are the adult. You are an amazing parent & a role model for your little one. Showing them how to stay calm in stressful situations is priceless and will help them learn to control their own emotions down the line. 

Good luck Mamas!

Who else has great tantrum tips!? Please share in the comments and help a Mama out!