Building a Mama community: 3 platforms we love

Building a Mama community: 3 platforms we love

Motherhood is such a blessing but, transitioning to motherhood can be isolating.

Getting out there and trying to be social & meet new Mama friends can be difficult. We wanted to try and help you out with that so, we've rounded up 3 platforms created to help expand your Mama community with the touch of a button.

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Pure genius! Created to help you connect with local mamas, schedule meetups, share information & expand your network.

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a free mobile app where motherly wisdom meets
kindred spirits. It is a place where modern moms can meet, chat,
support each other, and harness the knowledge of parents all over the

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Meet friendly local moms to talk about your kids and have fun! Come to a Moms Meetup to share experiences, find advice, give support and make new friends. All moms are welcome!

Anyone have experience using one of these platforms or other tips for making Mama friends!? Share in the comments!