Small Shop Collective // Eco By Naty
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Corporate Lawyer turned ecological entrepreneur: Marline Sandberg, founder & CEO of Eco By Naty spent five years researching, developing & working hard to create a biodegradable and environmentally friendly disposable diaper.


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" Eco by Naty is the market leading diaper in the eco-friendly segment. This shows that the consumer thirsts for real ecological value without having to compromise performance. Over the years we have invested millions in groundbreaking technology. We are at the edge of the ecological development, and determined to stay so in the future. I started my company with the determination to make high performance products that were friendlier on nature, healthier for the child and with outstanding performance"



We would agree that Eco by Naty is all that and more! Shop Eco By Naty for non toxic wipes, diapers, feminine products, nursing needs & bath products.

They even have a subscription box to make it that much easier!

Thank you Eco by Naty for joining our collective!

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