Dianna's Corner // Just Be Kind


noun : the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

Kindness is something that doesn't cost a thing but can make life so rich.

These last few months have been quite trying and have been filled with some pretty big hardship for my husband and our little family. It’s had me feeling overwhelmed, filled with sadness and even major bouts of depression. The one thing that has gotten me through is kindness. Your kindness. The emails, calls and texts of out pouring love and kind words from all of you has meant more than you know. 



I am beyond thankful for all the kindness, patience, understanding & support I get from this amazing community of strong women & mamas!

Plum + Sparrow would not be the same without you all & especially during this heavy, yet crazy beautiful time. 

We have lots of changes and exciting new things launching and your kindness is what keeps me sane!

The more time passes and the more we grow alongside this beautiful community, the more gratitude I feel for all the kindness showed to my family and I from all of you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all!







The lesson here?? It’s simple: kindness doesn't cost a dang thing, so sprinkle it everywhere freely. You never know who may need it the most. I know it’s a game changer in my life. 

xo Dianna