Just Be Brave//Dianna's Corner

It is the 5th month of our "Just Be" campaign and I love that "Brave" is the theme! 

I believe that bravery and being a mama  go hand in hand. We as mamas face so many choices, hard decisions and obstacles on the daily and it all starts before we even technically become a mother. 

More and more mamas are opening up about their personal struggles with infertility which is bringing so much more awareness to the struggle, heartache and bravery behind that journey. 

The bravery continues...
All natural, C Section, adoption, surrogacy, home birth , fostering,  vaccinating, not vaccinating, going back to work, staying home, trusting your instincts, knowing when to ask for help, breast feeding, bottle feeding, day care, no daycare, drop offs, providing the right nutrition, taking time to yourself, taking time with your kids... there is bravery behind every choice. Even if you cannot see it. 

This non-stop brave mama warrior that you continue to be is no easy feat. We are all in this together and need to help each other see the strength within ourselves and remind each other that we are doing a great job. 

In a world where everyone will tell you what to do & who to be...be YOURSELF! Just be....Brave.