Just Be Happy // Alexis Schulze

Just Be Happy // Alexis Schulze

Tips for increasing happiness :

Shift your perspective.

Shift your focus from the lack in you life to the abundance in your life. And it can be as little as the roof over your head because some people don’t even have that.

Decide to be happy for the things you have and you will be happy for them. You see, we focus on the lack...it begins to be all that we see. And the same goes for the things we are grateful for....it shifts our perspective to be grateful all of the time.

Seems easy enough but the practice of doing this is something that requires work and thoughtfulness to make a shift in perspective to make it become your day to day. It will shift everything eventually.

Once you become the happiness master then you can go and be the happiness spreader!


The best way to ensure your own happiness, is to give of yourself.

I know, it sounds counter intuitive but the idea is that doing good makes us feel good on a deeper level. It actually releases the same feel good chemicals in your brain that exercise does....bring on the endorphins! So now you get to hold the door, let someone go in front of you in line or better yet find a place to volunteer your time.

There’s nothing quite as happiness inducing as helping at your local animal shelter or finding a school, orphanage or children’s hospital. 

So how do I know all of this? 

Over a year ago I went to Africa to work in a school and volunteer in an orphanage.What I came home with was more profound that I could even explain.The poorest people; were so happy, so grateful and so giving.

We are seeking happiness in things...Yet...these things are the wrong things to bring us happiness. 

Be grateful and give.... and you will be among the richest in the world because you possess the one thing money cannot buy.....happiness!

So now go and just be happy