Small Shop Collective // Goumi Kids

Small Shop Collective // Goumi Kids
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We are so happy to have Goumi Kids in our Collective! 

Goumi Kids was born six years ago when two high school friends found themselves on a journey to make good.


As new moms, they were both having trouble finding scratch-proof mittens that actually stayed on. So they decided to develop a solution, and in the process, created a company that they would love to work for; one that allowed them to be both parents and entrepreneurs!





"Goumi started because we needed better baby essentials for our babies that
work, are beautiful AND good to our planet and a company that allowed
us to be moms + entrepreneurs AND philanthropists.
We call ourselves “goumi” because, like a goumi berry, we’re small AND mighty and we believegreat things can come from small (or, overlooked)
places – whether that’s baby mittens, premature babies, or rescued human trafficking victims that we come alongside to help.
So we found ourselves on a journey to make small, MIGHTY!"
"Stewardship took on a whole new meaning when we became moms for our babies, for our
planet. The mom instinct kicked in and somehow, we felt
compelled to care not only for our babies but for our world – even if only a small way.  
We’re from Portland and the Philippines and a shared pain is human trafficking.  We found an average 8 out of 10 rescued human trafficking victims willingly go back because
of the lack of options.
So we committed 10% of our profits to fund NGO
 that actively help rescued human victims stay rescued through empowerment. To
date, we’ve been able to help 60 women start new lives!"
Xoxo- Goumi Team













We are SO inspired by Goumi and their mission! Welcome to the Collective friends!