Small Shop Collective// Kip's Granola Bark

Small Shop Collective// Kip's Granola Bark

Join us in giving "Kip's Granola Bark"  a warm welcome to our Collective! Jenny Stackle, local San Diego Mama and Entrepreneur shares why she created Kip's: 

Kip’s was inspired by my son, who lives with severe food allergies. When Kip was first diagnosed, we realized we had no options for safe, high-quality, delicious snacks that could get him through sports practice, a busy day at school, or serve as a breakfast on-the-go.  

Anything that was deemed “safe” for him (i.e., free of the allergens which affect him), was high in sugar, low in protein and fiber, and preserved by artificial ingredients, as well as made on shared equipment with foods that could send him into anaphylactic shock.


So, like most “food allergy parents” frustrated with the lack of choice, I started baking.

After years of creating delicious granola bars, I’m finally ready to share my absolute best creation to date with you: Kip’s Granola Bark. It is FREE of the “top 8” food allergens: no nuts, peanuts, dairy, soy, egg, wheat, fish, shellfish, or even sesame!

Our bark is a hearty, crunchy, and versatile snack. So, send one of our resealable bags with your child to school, keep it by your desk at work, or break off a piece before your workout. I know you will love it and feel good about eating it.

Don’t have food allergies? No problem! I know you, too, will love this satisfying and delicious vegan snack. Now stop reading and go #grabyourbark! -


Big thanks to Jenny for sharing her story and her product! 

Use code " PLUMANDSPARROW_20" for 20% off your order of Kip's from now till October 15th so you can try it for yourself! 

Personally, we love it with some Cashew Butter and Banana, so good!