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Founder Kathryn Richardson shares why and how she came up with this yummie Teatox for lactating Mama's


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"It all started when I was pregnant with my first
baby girl. I had worked so hard keeping fit, eating the right things,
sending love to the baby growing in my belly. Doctors obsessed over my
every move. It felt like I had an appointment every
week. They measured me, poked me, and scolded me for taking the wrong
That is, up until my precious girl was born. Then — *snip* — like an
umbilical cord — the doctor's visits were cut to nothing. The visits I
did have were all about baby, not about me. Except for one question:
“Are you depressed?”
No — I had to answer truthfully — I was not depressed, per se.
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But I felt weird — not like myself. I was in a fog. I was out there on
my own, with a new little girl in my arms, and no instruction manual.
And worse — “Wait six weeks before you resume your workout routine,”
said the doctor. Working out had been my lifeline,
my sanity, before and during my pregnancy. I needed something. I needed a
boost. And so did my milk supply.
So I went to work. What if the fog could be lifted, your milk could be
boosted, AND you could detox from all those ill-advised cheeseburgers,
ice cream, and hospital meals, at the same time? And one final thing:
whatever it is, I want it to be freaking YUMMY.
Because I know if it’s gross, there is no WAY I am going to stick with
the routine.
It took months. A LOT of months. Well, fifteen — but who’s counting? We
got it RIGHT. I had a new baby: The Teatox that could do it all, meet
all my needs, in one package"