Small Shop Collective // Grabease

Maya Shalev, found of Grabease, plus mother of three and lawyer (just to name a few) was looking for ways to simplify the lives of parents and more specifically aiding in the development of children. 

"Grabease are designed to give toddlers the opportunity to eat independently with a proportional tool for their natural hand grasp and motion with a choke protection shield. Details of our design: Ergonomically designed handle - for a more natural hand feeding motion. Choke protection barrier- Safe for baby self-feeding to promote confidence during independent eating. Great utensil starter for children in their baby led weaning stage to toddler eating. Highly recommended by occupational therapist for children's finger strength development."

They come in a variety of different colors and sets, so you can stock up and grab a few to have on hand! What we love most is the thoughtfulness that goes into these products, every design and feature is for a purpose. Why not grab one for you and help a mama friend out, by grabbing one for her too!?! 

If you are looking to start developing your baby's motor skills, we suggest checking our their links below OR ordering a moses basket this Friday to get your free gift with purchase! 

Thank you, Maya, for sharing your innovative ideas and developmental passion with us!