Handwoven Baskets for You and Your Baby


+ What materials are the baskets made of?

The majority of our baskets are made with an elephant grass that is harvested by hand and colored using dyes derived from the land. We offer two handles options, our standard leather and also a synthetic leather for our vegan friends! It's also important to highlight the sustainability value the weavers incorporate, making sure to not let any materials go to waste, which often results in a unique and one-of-a-kind item. After the baskets are completed, we do not treat them with a fire retardant or any other sanitizing chemical, as this would not make them safe for you or your baby. 

+ Do the moses baskets come with an insert?

Yes, each moses basket (unless otherwise stated) comes with a water resistant mattress pad and white poly/cotton blend sheet all made in the USA. We make sure to measure the exact dimensions for each basket to ensure a properly fitted pad. The mattress insert is a firm 2 inch foam pad.

+ Are your baskets and products Fair Trade? 

It is important when purchasing items from other countries, that you ensure they are Fair Trade. It is very important to us and one of the first standards we set in place when starting Plum + Sparrow to make sure that all our products are a part of the Fair Trade Federation.  We want to make sure that the weavers are being treated with the respect and decency they deserve but also they are being paid a fair and equal price. Sadly, other basket providers and shops do not abide by these standards which is why it is so important to us to let you know that when you purchase one of ours, we have a Fair Trade Guarantee.

Where are the baskets made? And who makes them?

Our baskets are made by a talented group of weavers in villages across Africa, the group consists of both men and women who have developed this skill and art from which has been passed down through the generations of weavers. They also are now passing it down to their children in hopes of creating a lasting legacy that will benefit their children!  An average of two baskets a week can be woven by the weavers who also have household chores, firewood collection, water collection, washing and the care of their children to tend to each day. If you would like to read more of their story you can see our blog post HERE.

+ I’m looking for a stand to hold my basket. Do you have any you Recommend?

Yes, if you are looking for a stand to hold your moses basket our customers have recommended either "JOLLY JUMPER" or "ROCKERS BY RICHARD", both which can be found on Amazon! We suggest that you receive and measure your Moses Basket prior to purchasing a stand to ensure that the basket will fit in the stand.

+ How long can my baby use a moses basket?

Please see our SAFETY page for further safety instructions and if you have other concerns not addressed please feel free to send us an email! 

+ Why are moses baskets listed as sold out?

We are always looking to make sure we keep our inventory full but sometimes due to popularity we might be sold out. Majority of our moses baskets are each one-of-a-kind and no two are the same which means usually they sell out fast as we often do not have multiples of the same. However that being said we restock them every two weeks on Fridays at 7am PST.

+ Is it normal for the coloring of the basket and handles to be different than pictured?

The coloring will vary due to the device you use to view the products and we have noticed some will appear brighter, others may be more muted. It is important to remember that each basket is uniquely handmade, that no two are similar and variations will occur due to the weavers and their artistic style. The handles of both the moses and market baskets may appear different or worn due to the tools used by the weavers to finish them.

We do inspect each basket to ensure quality but please remember that these are handmade products, which results in them being unique and one-of-a-kind. As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us! 

+ How do you give back to the weavers and their village? 

We are fortunate enough to be able to give back 10% of selected product profits back to the weavers! We wanted to support the weavers in more ways then just one, so we’ve partnered with a non-profit that helps donate school and medical supplies for the weavers and their family.  If you would like some more information on the non-profit we work with please email us and we’d be happy to share with you!

+ I want to sell your baskets and products, do you have wholesale? 

We are available for wholesale starting Summer 2018 and have a $200 order minimum, if you would like more information on this please email our team at hey@plumandsparrow.com